Pre-Wedding beauty tips Planning Secrets Weddings 

Pre-Wedding beauty tips

Planning a wedding is a stressful job, beauty tips are essential. Not to forget, this stress reflects in the form of dull and lifeless skin. For all you know, makeup can only cover so much, one needs some beauty tips. Nothing can beat the beauty radiated by a bride’s inner skin glow. You need to have the best and full of life natural beauty on your wedding day and for that, I have a few pre-wedding day beauty tips. Moreover, these are simple homemade remedies so you don’t really have to…

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Most Beautiful Anklets For Your Wedding Day Bridal Fashion Inspiration 

Most Beautiful Anklets For Your Wedding Day

How perfect does one want to be on their wedding day? Will anything less than the best work? No, it would not. It is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve to look the best from head to toe. When it comes to jewelry, most of us only think about necklaces, rings, bangles, headgears, etc. But there’s one more thing that you need to count in for the perfect look. That’s anklets. You must have the most beautiful anklets for your wedding day. Here we…

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How to Prepare For a Colour Themed Wedding? Inspiration Planning 

How to Prepare For a Colour Themed Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be cumbersome sometimes. With so much on mind, it gets difficult to choose one from the other. Even when we adhere to something, there is so much confusion that we end up missing out on something or the other. More of it happens when you are planning the wedding venue arrangements. You need to be even more careful while planning a themed wedding. Talking of themed weddings, colour themed weddings are very popular nowadays. But most of the times, something is left out during the preparations resulting…

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How To Do Jewelry Shopping For Your Wedding? Bridal Fashion Planning Weddings 

How To Do Jewelry Shopping For Your Wedding?

You need to do everything in an organised manner while you are planning for your wedding. If you will randomly go on with the preparations you will feel confused at times more than one. One of the things that need much planning is shopping. Wedding planning means lots and lots of shopping. And for every category of things you need to shop for, you will need a list to go with. Jewelry shopping is one of them and one of the most important of them. While shopping for other things,…

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Beautify Your Hands For The Big Day! Bridal Fashion Bridal Makeup Bridal Mehandi 

Beautify Your Hands For The Big Day!

From head to toe, there shouldn’t be anything missing. When it’s the most important day of your life, you need to take care of everything beforehand. Planning it in advance, you can make sure that nothing is left out. After checking the list of your makeup and other things for your face, another thing you need to take care is your hands. After your face, the part that gets the most attention on your wedding day is your hands. Here are some ways to beautify your hands on your big day: Henna Henna…

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How to entertain guests in a late night wedding? Planning 

How to entertain guests in a late night wedding?

Hi, I understand, with your wedding bells ringing so closely, you must be really anxious of hitting everything with perfection. Your guests are your primary attention and your wedding day rituals must not leave them stifled. Particularly if your “feras” are “adhratriya”. Yes, am particularly talking of the “Adhratriya feras” where the wedding ends late into the night. Very recently, we had a night out to arrange for an after-hectic day and that made me hunt he internet upside down but of not much avail. So here are some fresh, out…

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Props that capture your love best in a pre-wedding photo shoot Photography 

Props that capture your love best in a pre-wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot trend has been surmounting great impetus these days. And as promised in the previous article I today bring to you a list of easily available and economical props which when added to your pre-wedding shoots, would add a dreamy influence to them, besides  breaking the ice of being so close and intimate with your significant half before someone else. Plus you get endearing memoirs for all the rolling years of togetherness. Here I enlist some props that would land you with snaps to entangle your hearts tighter:…

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Match Your Wedding Outfits Inspiration Planning 

Match Your Wedding Outfits

Weddings are all about looking good and marriage is a symbol of love and bonding. So, if you can share your lives ahead, why not match your wedding outfits? and NO, IT DOES NOT LOOK TACKY, if you do it the right way.  Matching wedding outfits can go wrong easily and so you need to make sure they are not overpoweringly matching colors. Instead, it should be of complimentary color schemes and palates. To help you out I have a bunch of pictures from a wide range of shades to suit…

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A Coded Wedding is the Way to Go Inspiration Planning 

A Coded Wedding is the Way to Go

You must have had themes to your birthday parties as kids and they used to be so much fun, weren't they? So why not add double excitement and fun to your wedding by having a coded theme for it? It is really not hard to pull off a color coded or theme coded wedding. In fact, it will be a whole new and mesmerizing experience for your guests. They will love to live your wedding through the lens you choose. Now theme does not have to mean that the dress up…

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Best Hair Accessories For Your D-Day Bridal Fashion 

Best Hair Accessories For Your D-Day

For your special day, countless hours have been spent in agreeing upon the perfect blend of your lehenga, in the just cut of your choker and in hunting for the most mesmerizing pairs of shoes. All to make your day nothing less than out of the fantasy world of cinemas. But what if I tell you, the most significant aspect is still being totally missed! Yes, the flawless look can never be accomplished without the right hair and the right hair accessories. Consider Choosing of Dress First That’s the thumb…

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Simplest foot care tips for the would be bride Secrets 

Simplest foot care tips for the would be bride

The joy of finding “the just pair” of shoes! Invincible! But are you ready to flip on that gorgeous pair of stilettoes on your D-day? Yes, most often Indian brides tend to forget that beautiful feet aren’t gifts. Hence foot care exercises should be a part of their beauty and fitness regime before their wedding. More so, because they wear and tear the most during wedding shopping extravaganza. Just like it is essential to wisely choose your wedding shoes, so is it essential to make your feet prepared for it. Today…

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It’s not entirely a farcical argument that the onus of planning a wedding has more to do with the bride-to-be than her counterpart. That’s the whole problem for us males. We generally don’t know what to do. Among all the elation and hullabaloo that everyone looks engrossed in, we’re lost more often than not.Here is the mixed bag of emotions that we, as newly wed husband, encounter:   THE WEDDING DAY(S) ARE NOT ALWAYS JOVIAL Yes, they are the best days of your life, but even the best isn’t flawless. Beyond…

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