Indian Celebrity Maternity Style – No more hiding!

Celebrity Maternity Style

Gone are the days when moms-to-be were enclosed within four walls to save their baby bumps from public glares. Celebrity maternity style has changed the scenario significantly by helping women get rid of the inhibitions regarding their body in that particular phase. Giving birth is a beautiful process and something women are blessed with, so why do one need to escape with the body that precedes it? Women are beautiful in every phase of their life and the changing Indian celebrity maternity style has given a complete makeover to the thought. Let’s see how…

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The Perfect Proposal: How to Propose the Love of Your Life?

How to Propose

Marriage is said to be the new beginning of your life. Why not kick-start that journey by doing something out of the way for the person you love by getting some wonderful ideas for how to propose the love of your life? A perfectly planned proposal holds a great value for a relationship. Know; it becomes a beautiful memory which will remain attached to your mind even when you grow old. Of course, it’s not really necessary for you to make extra efforts to pop out the question, but doing something…

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Accessories to Groom the Indian Groom

accessories for Indian grooms

The bride puts in a lot of effort to look her ravishing best on her wedding day. From exploring distant places to find the perfect dress to shopping for days to get the earrings right, she does everything to shine the brightest on her big day. As her groom to be, how can you not compliment her efforts? And when someone says grooms need no grooming, they can't be more wrong. There are a whole lot of ways in which you can enhance your 'Dulha' look. Here is:  5 Best Accessories for Indian Grooms Here…

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4 Perfect Choices of Indian Outfits For Women For Their BFF Wedding This Summer

Indian Outfits For Women

Ah! It’s again that time of the year when you are sure to get one or two wedding invitations but can’t decide what to wear and what not to due to sultry weather. Yes, we are talking about the summer weddings when you have to think and rethink about summer wedding outfit ideas for your best friends wedding. Indian Outfits For Women to Try at Their BFF's Wedding If you can't decide what to wear in your best friend's wedding, then needless to say it is a serious matter to…

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10 Super Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai for Honeymoon

Al Qasr At The Madinat Jumeirah

When it comes to extravagance, Dubai ranks right up there on the globe. Each year, millions of tourists hog this gulf paradise to catch a glimpse of that extravagance and high-life. For the honeymooners looking to have fun, here is a list of the ten most romantic places to visit in Dubai for Honeymoon which you just can't afford to miss. 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai for Honeymoon/Dubai Honeymoon Activities for Newlywed Couples 1. The Flight Over Skyscrapers in the Seaplane Let's start with our first place for…

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These European Honeymoon Destinations Will Sparkle the Affair of Your Heart

European Honeymoon Destinations

A marriage is about two things, Memories of togetherness and a promise to never give up on each other. Therefore, in the light of benevolence let me introduce you to the two most stunning honeymoon destinations in Europe. As a matter of fact, these countries can give an ultimate kick start to the newlyweds interested in taking a pure holiday voyage at an exotic spot. Furthermore, these European honeymoon destinations are in contrast with French Riviera and Italy, yet most romantic in their own sweet way. Geilo, a sensual Ski Village in Norway   …

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Sachin Fotos- Alwar Based Professional Candid Photographer

Sachin Fotos

With a pool of talented candid and professional photographers in India, weddings are now celebrated not just as ceremonies but as moments. One such gem is Sachin R Saini who has established his own studio by the name of Sachin Fotos. He is based in Alwar, a city known for world famous Kalakand (Milk-Cake), historical monuments, a beautiful lake and a picturesque valley, Sariska Tiger Reserve and much more. Team Wedamor interviews our third candid photographer. Read the interesting story of Sachin and how destiny made an electrical engineer into a professional…

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A Cup of Coffee With Sahyujyah Shrinivas at LibeRent

Fashion at Rent

Running an enterprise needs efforts but nothing as compared to starting it. With the throat cutting competition in the contemporary market, Innovation is a pre-requisite for anything to taste the fruit of success! Tackling along the hurdles on the way is another story. Today, we have such a personality with us who not only had a brilliant and inventive idea, but the courage and determination to materialize it in the finest way possible. Sahyujyah Shrinivas, the founder of LibeRent, measured a long way from being the girl with a dream to an…

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Top to Toe Fashion Wear Collection for the Indian Bride

Weddings in India are always high energy, colorful affairs. From the bright decorations to the variation in food, every feature of the wedding is prepared to give a sight of joy and celebration for the guests. Indian wedding dresses also throw back the atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment and are one of the most interesting characteristics of the ceremony. What sets Indian wedding outfits apart from other ethnic party dresses is that they exhibit a balanced combination of tradition and glamour. Fashion wear collection for the Indian bride is designed to…

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