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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas Inspiration 

12 Stunning Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

So you are booking pre wedding photographer, but still curious which idea to choose? Here are some stunning pre-wedding photo shoot ideas to follow if you want to create your own unique pre-wedding session: 1.Go classic Roses and wine, what can be more classy? If you don’t have a perfect location, wine and roses will always make your shoot. Forget that you been photographed and enjoy your day! Eh, and don’t forget to sip some wine!   2. YES, again Taj Mahal..But who can resist this beauty? Another lovely morning, where Nature helped…

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merry Christmas & a happy new year Videos 

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year – Team Wedamor

We are in that phase of the year where we leave no stone unturned while making plans for the Christmas and New Year, keeping our families, friends and loved ones in mind. It is a time for remembering some of the most beautiful moments you shared with them all these months, a time to share the goodness of your heart with them, and a time for expressing your love to them through greetings, gifts, surprises. So, as we are in the celebrating mode, we are not going to miss this opportunity to…

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wedding planner In The News 

Wedamor: Your Personal Wedding Planner

  (Excerpts from the article on Wedamor published on Faad Times)   Wedding, as most would say, is one of the most important milestones. We all, at some point, have experienced what goes into hosting a wedding, from selecting a vendor that matches our vision, personality and budget to picking out the perfect dress for the bride. From a photographer that catches this perfect moment with his lens, more than one can count on fingers, one has witnessed all those and much more. But planning this perfect event is not that hassle free….

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story as an intern In The News 

My Story as an Intern

My Story as an Intern – Abhaydeep Singh (Intern at Wedamor)   1. Reasons behind going for an internship For an IT student, an Internship is first hand to hand experience with the corporate industry and atmosphere he is destined to work in, for the rest of his life, being a computer science student, as internship being a mandatory part, for the completion of degree, I decided to go for it.   2. My first opportunity as an intern My first opportunity as an intern was with Erudite Software and…

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Holi Songs Wedamor Stories 

Make Your Holi Special With These Lovely Holi Songs

Holi is a celebration of nature, an amalgamation of colors in the garden, smiles on faces and chilled thandai in glasses. It marks the rise of summer and the significance of this beautiful festival of colours is as such, that even the enemies forget all their rivalries on this day and become friends. Why not to add a pint of juicy Bollywood songs in this festival and multiply the fun factor with many folds. On this auspicious occasion we would highly recommend you to go, grab that elephant-sized glass of bhaang and give your near and dear ones…

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