Simplest foot care tips for the would be bride

The joy of finding “the just pair” of shoes! Invincible! But are you ready to flip on that gorgeous pair of stilettoes on your D-day? Yes, most often Indian brides tend to forget that beautiful feet aren’t gifts. Hence foot care exercises should be a part of their beauty and fitness regime before their wedding. More so, because they wear and tear the most during wedding shopping extravaganza. Just like it is essential to wisely choose your wedding shoes, so is it essential to make your feet prepared for it. Today…

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The Best Reception Entry Ideas

best reception entry ideas

Bollywood, these days is serving to be a great inspiration for Indian weddings. And the yearning to make every stride a joyful reminiscence, the bride and the groom are steering to unconventional routines. And if so are you, in attempts to make your wedding spectacularly remarkable, then here today I bring to you a few exclusive reception entry ideas that can add to the impose and magnificence of the day. So let's check out some reception entry ideas. Sparkle of iridescence Modest yet most splendid. Either the corners of your…

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How to keep kids entertained in a wedding?

Weddings, in particular, the Indian ones, can be really agonizing and excruciating for the kids, given their span and the subtropical climate of India. And it gets even more tormenting for young parents if the kids end up  crying-sobbing-nagging in an occasion where everyone is supposed to be merry-making.So its equally important to cater to the young moods and minds and give them their ways of merry making. And they would await the ceremonial celebrations oftener than us. So here, I have compiled some really cool ways to organize a…

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Wedding guest list: tips for preparation.

wedding guest list

Wedding trends in India have come a long way from having the ceremony at our own homes, to offering only flavored syrups and to the present day burlesque which embraces high-end hotels and catering services. And in this sprint of culture and modernization, constraints of budget and venue dimensions call for a strict scrutiny of the wedding guest list. We understand that your wedding is the most notable phenomenon in both of yours’ lives and so do we understand the grief of having cut-short your wedding guest list. And so…

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Hair fashion from Spring 2016 Runaway

In the Indian retro customs, hair is considered to be the most invaluable jewel for a woman. And a bejeweled hair only serves to add up to the exotica. While in the contemporary Indian scenario, more and more brides are becoming self-conscious of their fashion statement. And in the wake of this change in outlooks, the hair-dos we witnessed in Hair fashion from Spring 2016 Runaway couture deserves a special mention. Here we have for you a few: With the tiaras newly refound in the Indian trends and making it up…

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