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Best Candid Wedding Photographers In India

"We Don't Remember Days, We Remember Moments"

Weddings are one of the few moments that we cherish over our entire lives, we all have wedding stories and anecdotes, wedding pranks and rituals. We try to get the best that we can, but often ignore one important prospect, "Candid Wedding Photographers." Gone are the days, when the wedding studio guy used to come and startle everyone while they were stuffing themselves. Times have changed and so have the way you should get photographed.

And we being helpful as ever, have compiled a list of Best Candid wedding photographers in India.

Candid Wedding Photographers


What started as a one man by Pankaj Rokade, is now a company of collective passionate photographers, cinematographers, and editors who not only capture but document beautiful stories of weddings through breathtaking photographs and films at Pankaj Rokade photography. From private wedding affairs to grand destination weddings, they have covered the entire gamut of Indian weddings from all cultures and almost every part of India. They are Mumbai’s leading wedding photography and cinematography service provider.

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Address: 303 Platinum Arcade, JSS road, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai


Sensible Camera is a destination wedding photography boutique, created by Katia, an international artist-photographer, who moved to India in 2012. Available all around India and abroad.

Katia says that her heart divided into two parts: between India and photography. And she knows how to mix it up! She claims – In her art, you will taste the India never felt before. Clicking with her team under the motto “Made with Love” she really does her work as it said. Her team not only goes across customs in your family, the final book that they hand over to you has the usual wedding moments transformed into a piece of art. So far Katia has shot different regional and cultural weddings across the country and is very familiar with Indian customs and Hindi.

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Address: Varanasi, Assi ghat road, 1B/111


Knots & Vows was born of our love & passion for Photography & Cinematography in the late monsoon of 2009. Since then, Wedding Photography & Cinematography is more a way of life than work.

Meeting new people, exploring places, experiencing cultures from the front row, forging new relationships – professional and otherwise & making awesome images & videos of you on your special day is something that continues to thrill them.  

Usage of Ambient light as well as a smart use of on/off camera lights coupled with their extensive experience in wedding photography/cinematography help them make those outstanding images that will absolutely wow you! They have worked on a wide range of Indian Marriages transcending religion, culture & states.

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Based in Mumbai and Gurgaon, Candid Shutters have created a niche in the market with their talent. Living by a single mantra that "No two weddings are same", their package also varies. Covering Marriages Pan-India, Candid Shutters was founded by an Engineering Graduate. The company is an ambient mix of Technical and Creative guys to cherish your perfect moments, the way you want them to.

candid wedding photographers
Candid Shutters

candid wedding photographers
Candid Shutters



Going by a simple yet effective tagline, "If marriages are made in heaven, then shouldn't the photographs look heavenly too," SID photography was founded in 2011 by Siddarth Sharma. He likes to tell stories through photographs by placing them on the edge of reality where the visuals are realistic but hard to believe. Most of his images are photographic interpretations of current events while others are based on leftover memories of his dreams which he documents on a regular basis by drawing sketches. Winner of quite a lot of Awards, he is Based in Delhi and Bangalore. Here is a link to them

 candid wedding photographers



Started by Vatsa Brothers, Shaadi Grapher is based in Goa and Mumbai. Rated as one of the Best Destination Photographers, Shaadi Grapher is a group of cool and laid back people, who just happen to capture some of the best photographs. For them, wedding is all about beautiful brides, laughing couples, cute kids and super awesome families. Here's a link to them

candid wedding photographers

candid wedding photographers



One of India's top five dream wedding Photographers, Photo Tantra was the idea of the Delhi-based Couple, Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel who were united because of their love for photography. Employing a mix of Photojournalism and Glamour photography, the photographs can be anything, from fun posed shot to Candid Photography. They are also the owners of Alpo Galpo, a wedding Cinematography Company. Their favourite way of working is: Become Friends With the CouplesHere's a link to them

candid wedding photographers

candid wedding photographers



Headed by a dynamic duo of Manasavi and Ketan, these business cum life partners were voted the best upcoming photographers in 2013 and since then have a came a long way by setting new benchmarks in the Wedding Industry.
Into Candid’s journey began in the year 2011 when Manasvi and Ketan were asked to document a friend’s wedding. That’s when the wedding photography bug bit them and since then, the Into Candid team have shot weddings across India, London and Dubai, capturing a host of colourful and intimate memories for their couples. Here's a link to them

candid wedding photographers

candid wedding photographers

These are our pick for the best candid wedding photographers in India.

If you think we have missed someone, why don't you comment below and we'll have a look at it.




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