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Best Hair Accessories For Your D-Day

For your special day, countless hours have been spent in agreeing upon the perfect blend of your lehenga, in the just cut of your choker and in hunting for the most mesmerizing pairs of shoes. All to make your day nothing less than out of the fantasy world of cinemas. But what if I tell you, the most significant aspect is still being totally missed! Yes, the flawless look can never be accomplished without the right hair and the right hair accessories.

Consider Choosing of Dress First

That’s the thumb rule for any accessory that you plan to buy for your wedding day! And make sure you carry your outfit along, to avoid any sort of guesswork or approximations, especially when it comes to hair accessories – something which is going to top you!

Consider Consulting With Your Hairstylist as Well

Get to know from your stylist what he/she plans to do with your hair for the day and what kind of accessories would ace the look and the dress.

Once the above done, here are the most loved and sought after bridal hair accessories:

Hair Combs

Remember, Della from the Gift of Magi, a heart melting creation of O Henry; and her turquoise and bejeweled comb! It all sounded so surreal! Well just that way, make your wedding day surreal, by hitting at the right comb for your wedding day hair accessories.

hair accessory: comb



 Of all the hair accessories, if there was one to be chosen which would never fail to impart the princess look, then this would be the one! Found in both floral and metallic, it can be worn in both hair up and low. If you are wearing it low, wear it like a hair band; if you are wearing it up, wear it like a headband. A word of caution: Always use hair clips to hold them in place and avoid letting them loose, as they may fall off.

hair accessory: tiara


hair accessory: metallic tiaraSource:

Hair Pins

For a sassy look, it is a safe and minimalist choice. They look beautiful and you would have a hard time in choosing one out of the many classy choices open to you. So while you choose, keep in mind the motif of your outfit, choose a pin that would compliment it. Likewise, consider the color. Another important aspect is to consider the kind of hairstyle you are opting for. If you are choosing an up do and you have voluminous hair, choose a pin that is large and can bear the weight of your hair. Other way round, choose a medium sized pin.

hair accessory: hair pins


Hair accessory: hair pinSource:



If your aim is to keep it simple yet classy and you are wearing a simple or plain dress, then you could enhance the entire vibe by adorning your head with a garland. The color be in a contrast match with your dress- orange is one great option, so is magenta or maroon and garland size be a combination of large and big flowers.

Hair accessory: garland



If a garland is too much for you, consider opting for flowers. And it would, for certainty bloom up romance in the entire setup and give you the true bride feel. You could entwine your braids with small flowers or with your hair clips. Large flowers, if you feel like.

Hair accessory: flowers


So all the would be Indian brides out there, break the stereotype and choose one of the above hair accessories on your special day. If there’s anything more you did like us to know on this column for hair accessories, do put in the comment section.



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