15 Things Every Bride Should Keep in Mind a Week Before Wedding

The day you’ve been day-dreaming about since you were a little girl has finally reached the single digits of the countdown. Aside from the obvious excitement, panic mode just might be making its way in. And to avoid making any wrong decisions in your panic mode, here’s a list of things to keep in mind some bridal tips before marriage.

15 bridal tips before marriage that makes a Happy-Go-Lucky Bride

1) A Dress Rehearsal

Put on the whole wedding outfit- the lehenga, bridal shoes, accessories, even the same hairstyle you’re planning for the wedding day. You should be happy with every single detail of the attire and be confident enough to rock it.

bridal tips before marriage

2) Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Get Your Nails Done

Get your nails done a few days before the wedding. It would just make things go more smoothly when you’re actually getting ready on your wedding day. (No keeping your hands under the fan to get ‘em dried fast, cos that always irritates the crap out of me.)

bridal tips before marriage

3) This is Not an Ideal Time to Experiment With Your Beauty Routine

Testing new makeup a week before the wedding is a big no-no. You might get an allergic reaction from a product, so steer clear from new beauty routines and stick to your normal one. It is one of the foremost bridal tips before marriage.

bridal tips before marriage


4) Break in Your Shoes

Speaking of those pumps, make sure you spend some quality time in your wedding shoes a week before the wedding so that you break them in before you find yourself standing in them for 8-hours straight. Put them on for 30 minutes a day and break them in with a walk around your house.

bridal tips before marriage

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5) Clear Out Your Work List

Take care of any big projects or assignments at work early on that week so that you don't have a to-do-list of work tasks floating around in your head.

bridal tips before marriage

6) Make a DIY Wedding Survival Kit

Be it safety pins, hair ties, band-aids or any other essential item that might be used during any emergency. Another important tip among bridal tips before marriage.

bridal tips before marriage

7) Make a List

Make a list of anything that could potentially go wrong at the wedding and make backup plans for each of that situation. Better, make your bridesmaids take care of that for you.

bridal tips before marriage


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8) Don’t Get Any Deep Facial Treatments

Avoid a potential skincare disaster and steer clear of any heavy facial treatments a week before the wedding day—you never know how your skin may react to a new treatment. (Google "facial treatments gone wrong" and you'll see what I mean). Another important tip among bridal tips before marriage that should not be ignored.

bridal tips before marriage

9) Get a lot of SLEEP

This is very very very important! Try to fix up your sleep schedule by going to bed earlier than usual. Trust me, your body will thank you for that.

bridal tips before marriage

10) Drink Plenty of Water

This is as important as getting enough sleep. Even more so. Drinking a lot of water would help in preventing any potential pimple outbreak in the coming days. It also helps in making your skin glow, and that’s what any bride dreams for, a healthy, naturally glowing skin.

bridal tips before marriage

11) Treat Yourself

Whether that's with a boutique workout class or a day at the spa, do something relaxing for yourself to get pumped up and excited.

bridal tips before marriage

12) Don’t Indulge in Too Much Booze

You're celebrating, so a few sips here and there are OK, but stick to a one-drink limit to avoid bloating, redness and bad decisions.

bridal tips before marriage

13) Don’t Play Any Contact Sports

Prevent any chances of cuts and bruises; you certainly don’t want to be dealing with them on the big day.

bridal tips before marriage

14) A Balanced Diet All the Way

This is not the time to starve yourself to lose an extra pound and this is certainly not the time to eat your feelings and stress. Maintain a balanced diet to stay happy and healthy.

bridal tips before marriage

15) Stay Relaxed and Enjoy

At the end, enjoy the week by spending quality time with your family and friends, go on a short road trip, and enjoy your last week of being single. Happiness shows on your face and makes you look prettier while stress and tension do the opposite. One of the single most important among all the bridal tips before marriage.

bridal tips before marriage

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As it is rightly said, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.

These were a few important things to keep in mind a week before your wedding day. Most importantly, be calm and enjoy every bit of the moments before the big day! 🙂






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