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18 Evergreen Songs Played in Almost Every Indian Wedding

Songs can be rightly termed as the lifeline of a wedding function. A wedding is all about enjoying thoroughly and it would not be wrong to say that some evergreen songs add the much-required fuel to the already high running human emotions. Important here, is to mention the fact that there are some evergreen songs, without which, Indian weddings may be termed as incomplete. These evergreen songs are not restricted to any particular class of society, any specific cultural or geography whatsoever one may call. So, get ready to restore such…

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If you find yourself reading this article then you are probably one of those brides getting the 'pre-wedding jitters'. Are you restlessly searching tips to get away from the wedding stress that is bothering you? Then you are at the right place. A Wedding is an event that only comes once in your life. It undoubtedly marks your most important transition and change in life. Naturally every bride is bound to get the pre-wedding jitters, stress, and anxiety and it is perfectly normal. You special milestone day has to be perfect and there…

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How to choose engagement rings and gemstones

Engagement rings and their prominence in our lives have an untold magnitude. It is the choicest blessing that both the girl and the guy secretly and coyly crave for. And don’t presume it as an over-estimation or exaggeration. Just sit back withdrawn and grapple your heart. If even a faint smile stretches across your lips, you know I am not an expression wrong! So here we provide you with some tips on how to choose engagement rings. To keep your mystifying urge remains ever special to you, here are a few…

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