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What Not to Think of Marriage? Hint: The End

We all have grown up hearing things like marriage is sacred, it’s something that changes our life, it’s something that makes us complete and a whole lot of other such things. The movies we grew up watching showcased the husband as Parmeshwar (God), the earner, and the lady as an underdog. It has consciously or unconsciously shaped what we think of marriage as grownups and unfortunately, a significant part of the generation in the contemporary world is scared of marriage just because of this ‘notion’ of marriage we have grown up…

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Right Time to Get Married: Society vs Us

Living in a country like India, odds are that if you’re in your 20s, you’re constantly being pressured by your family and relatives (unless you’re one of the lucky few) to start your own life because they think it’s the ' right time to get married '. But what does this ‘right time’ even mean? We’re living in a country where society is God. We can’t do without it, we’re afraid of it if we don’t follow the given ‘rules’ of it, and you are what the society thinks you are….

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Pre Wedding Jitters That Every Couple Faces

Marriage is without any doubt one of the biggest life changing decisions that you will ever make or come across and that’s why the pre wedding jitters are considered quite a normal phenomenon or experience which both the brides and the grooms have to go through. But here’s the basic problem- how do you tell when your sixth sense is actually warning you for the right reason about the impending doom and when the butterflies in your stomach are nothing that you should get yourself even stressed out about? Deviating from the archaic norms as advised…

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Indian Wedding’s Changing Nature: Is It Worth It?

Do you know that the Indian wedding industry is almost a $40 billion industry? Now don’t get me wrong, I love weddings; the traditions, the functions, the dhol–baaja, the food, and everything. But I think, and I hope you agree, that we have taken it a little too far. We are paying more attention to how to throw a perfect wedding, rather than focusing on how to have a successful marriage. After having read an article about all the facts and figures about changing Indian weddings business, I was completely flabbergasted. The Indian wedding card…

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It’s not entirely a farcical argument that the onus of planning a wedding has more to do with the bride-to-be than her counterpart. That’s the whole problem for us males. We generally don’t know what to do. Among all the elation and hullabaloo that everyone looks engrossed in, we’re lost more often than not.Here is the mixed bag of emotions that we, as newly wed husband, encounter:   THE WEDDING DAY(S) ARE NOT ALWAYS JOVIAL Yes, they are the best days of your life, but even the best isn’t flawless. Beyond…

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