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think of marriage Secrets Wedamor Stories 

What Not to Think of Marriage? Hint: The End

We all have grown up hearing things like marriage is sacred, it’s something that changes our life, it’s something that makes us complete and a whole lot of other such things. The movies we grew up watching showcased the husband as Parmeshwar (God), the earner, and the lady as an underdog. It has consciously or unconsciously shaped what we think of marriage as grownups and unfortunately, a significant part of the generation in the contemporary world is scared of marriage just because of this ‘notion’ of marriage we have grown up…

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Fashion at Rent Inspiration Vendors Wedamor Stories 

A Cup of Coffee With Sahyujyah Shrinivas at LibeRent

Running an enterprise needs efforts but nothing as compared to starting it. With the throat cutting competition in the contemporary market, Innovation is a pre-requisite for anything to taste the fruit of success! Tackling along the hurdles on the way is another story. Today, we have such a personality with us who not only had a brilliant and inventive idea, but the courage and determination to materialize it in the finest way possible. Sahyujyah Shrinivas, the founder of LibeRent, measured a long way from being the girl with a dream to an…

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Secrets Wedamor Stories 

Pre Wedding Jitters That Every Couple Faces

Marriage is without any doubt one of the biggest life changing decisions that you will ever make or come across and that’s why the pre wedding jitters are considered quite a normal phenomenon or experience which both the brides and the grooms have to go through. But here’s the basic problem- how do you tell when your sixth sense is actually warning you for the right reason about the impending doom and when the butterflies in your stomach are nothing that you should get yourself even stressed out about? Deviating from the archaic norms as advised…

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where is home Customs & Rituals Wedamor Stories 

Where is her home? Decoding the question of every woman’s life!

There are many people who will just keep on reminding her parents that she is 'Paraya Dhan'. Not only them but even when she is growing up, she is constantly advised to learn to behave as she has to move on to someone else's house someday. The irony can be identified here only. Will she go to her own home, where is she already then? or will she go to someone else's home? One question arises in both the situations – Where is her home? It's not something that happens to…

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new beginning Inspiration Wedamor Stories 

Post-Wedding – A new beginning . . .

She woke up and realized that it wasn’t her honeymoon suite anymore. Last night, they got back from what will be the most memorable holiday of her life. Now, the bags scattered around the room were to be unpacked. It was a new beginning. Fear bundled up at the corner of her heart as it suddenly felt too heavy. Something she kept escaping from, for a while. The wedding preparations and the excitement for the honeymoon kept her away from those thoughts for a while. But now, there was, the fear, confronting her…

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