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It’s not entirely a farcical argument that the onus of planning a wedding has more to do with the bride-to-be than her counterpart. That’s the whole problem for us males. We generally don’t know what to do. Among all the elation and hullabaloo that everyone looks engrossed in, we’re lost more often than not.Here is the mixed bag of emotions that we, as newly wed husband, encounter:   THE WEDDING DAY(S) ARE NOT ALWAYS JOVIAL Yes, they are the best days of your life, but even the best isn’t flawless. Beyond…

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If you find yourself reading this article then you are probably one of those brides getting the 'pre-wedding jitters'. Are you restlessly searching tips to get away from the wedding stress that is bothering you? Then you are at the right place. A Wedding is an event that only comes once in your life. It undoubtedly marks your most important transition and change in life. Naturally every bride is bound to get the pre-wedding jitters, stress, and anxiety and it is perfectly normal. You special milestone day has to be perfect and there…

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Make Your Holi Special With These Lovely Holi Songs

Holi is a celebration of nature, an amalgamation of colors in the garden, smiles on faces and chilled thandai in glasses. It marks the rise of summer and the significance of this beautiful festival of colours is as such, that even the enemies forget all their rivalries on this day and become friends. Why not to add a pint of juicy Bollywood songs in this festival and multiply the fun factor with many folds. On this auspicious occasion we would highly recommend you to go, grab that elephant-sized glass of bhaang and give your near and dear ones…

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Qualities to Check For in a Soul Mate…

Life isn’t a bed of roses but an upright soul mate does ease the pain. So at the threshold of adulthood, we must let our childhood fantasies of ‘prince charming’ elude and allow soberness to dawn. When making the most crucial call in life we must not be swayed away by material parameters which make a mark nowhere in the years to roll. So, before all, question yourself what do you want from life and what do you expect your spouse to be? Let’s delve directly into the traits you…

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