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Hair accessory: Hair pin Fashion Wedding Ideas 

Best Hair Accessories For Your D-Day

For your special day, countless hours have been spent in agreeing upon the perfect blend of your lehenga, in the just cut off your choker and in hunting for the most mesmerizing pairs of shoes. All to make your day nothing less than out of the fantasy world of cinemas. But what if I tell you, the most significant aspect is still being totally missed! Yes, the flawless look can never be accomplished without the right hair and the right hair accessories. Consider Choosing of Dress First That’s the thumb…

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shape up Inspiration Secrets Tips & Tricks Wedding Ideas 

How To Make Your Body Get Fit For The Wedding Day

Apart from all that jewellery and fancy clothes, there is one thing you need to prepare for the grand day of your life is how to get fit for the wedding. And it’s not something materialistic that you can just visit some shops and buy but something you will really need to work for. Yes, that’s your own body. All of us want to look great for our wedding day and though it doesn’t matter what your weight is, preparing a little will surely shape up your body for a better…

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Beauty & Makeup Bridal Makeup Secrets Wedding Ideas 

Some Homemade Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

  Planning a wedding is a stressful job, beauty tips are essential. Not to forget, this stress reflects in the form of dull and lifeless skin. For all you know, makeup can only cover so much, one needs some beauty tips. Nothing can beat the beauty radiated by a bride’s inner skin glow. You need to have the best and full of life natural beauty on your wedding day and for that, I have a few pre-wedding beauty tips. Moreover, these are simple homemade remedies so you don’t really have to…

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Inspiration Wedding Ideas 

How to Throw an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is a MUST element of a wedding! You need to have a relaxing evening full of fun with your best buddies around. While bachelor and bachelorette parties have an impression of being the most crazy night a bride and groom has before being tied together for life, they can be enjoyed in its own little ways. It does not have to go out of hand where people go missing or are not in a condition to wake up the next morning (if you know what I mean).  …

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when love is synonymous to friendship Inspiration Secrets Wedding Ideas 

Why should you marry your best friend? Advantages of marrying your best friend.

Those “leave-taking” vows and heart-breaks and the promises to stay in touch in all the forthcoming years of life! Those nostalgic jiffies, poignant sobs and the fear of parting!! Friends sure bring out the best in you and the best for you. In the conquest of all these laments, go date your best friend. Not just date, marrying your best friend for the wit has ample logics for the same. Anonymity? What is that! You seem to know one another for evermore. You know each other’s likes, dislikes, responsibilities, financial…

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