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Top Simple Mehndi Designs that are Awesome & Super Easy

This occasional season, why not epitomise your beauty with different and unique mehndi designs? The trend getting one’s hands, and feet tattooed with henna also is very slowly seeping through the sensibilities of women, girls all over. Well, we as a whole realise that regardless of whether it is wedding capacity or religious events a lady will never go to pass up a major opportunity making the hands and feet flawless looking with the dazzling looking mehndi outlines.   This one is a striking and simple mehndi outline, which is…

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Beautify Your Hands For The Big Day!

From head to toe, there shouldn’t be anything missing. When it’s the most important day of your life, you need to take care of everything beforehand. Planning it in advance, you can make sure that nothing is left out. After checking the list of your makeup and other things for your face, another thing you need to take care is your hands. After your face, the part that gets the most attention on your wedding day is your hands. Here are some ways to beautify your hands on your big day: Henna Henna…

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Wedamor Art of Love Contest – Share Your Mehandi

  "Mehendi adorns the hands and Life takes a new colour"   Henna; or as we like to call it Mehendi, is one of the most typical parts of Indian weddings. Mehendi: one of the 16 adornments of the Indian Bride, is the application of henna on the bride's hands and feet one day before the wedding. The concept of Mehndi is so unique that it has become an inseparable part of the Indian culture. But the bride is not alone; even the groom has to apply Mehndi on the occasion…

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Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs With Some Beautiful Mehendi Motifs

Every Indian girl fantasizes of a grand Indian wedding where her prince charming would come galloping on a horse and steal her away in the most elegant and chivalrous fashion. We hallucinate of bejeweled gowns embellished with heart- alluring embroideries, refined and exclusive ornaments, sumptuous and lavish dining and what not. But what truly makes the Indian wedding grand is not just its extravaganza but the spell which it sweeps, the innumerous rituals it wraps and the exhilaration and the involvement of all the loved ones. And bridal mehendi designs…

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Why Mehndi?

Weddings in India entail an extravaganza of elaborate ceremonies. All of which have a religious elucidation and sum up to add to the overall grandiose of the affair and Mehndi is just another in the trail. Source: Heenaart Find more such bridal henna patterns here. Mehndi holds a pronounced status in the Indian picture. And it's worth encompasses even beyond the marriage to the successive important events like fasts like Karva Chauth and festivals like Holi and Diwali. But in spite of our jubilant indulgence in the event, most of us…

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