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Have Our Weddings Changed? Especially Indian Weddings

When Coco Chanel said, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures’, I’m sure she excluded Indian weddings as an exception. Or maybe he didn’t account for this exciting festivity, which appears to have evolved drastically, both in its style and fashion.  So have our weddings changed? We’re not saying the basic ethos of Indian marriages has been altered, but like pretty much everything else, modernization has played its part here. Take a look!   BUDGET – Once a pocket pinch, always a pocket pinch Let’s begin with what matters most. Don’t worry, the…

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Shagun: Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Shagun is a very prestigious wedding favor given to the guests when they come to attend your wedding. It is considered as a token of gratitude and appreciation for being present at the wedding with their love and blessings to shower. It is also common for all guests to gift the bride and groom with either money or some interesting gifts. So consider it as a return gift but Shagun is a vital element of the ceremony. While these little gifts can be included in an elaborate wedding invite basket,…

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COCKTAIL PARTY: Indian flavored drinks

The most anticipated day at some of the weddings ought to the cocktail and dance night. It is supposed to one of the most amazing, unforgettable night the couple has together as bachelor and bachelorette. Celebrating this night by having some drinks with your friends and close ones makes it so much more special than any other night. Everyone is allowed to let go of their wedding stress and just drink and dance the night away during the cocktail party. Now, for supposedly the ''most looked forward to'' night you can have the mainsteam…

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15 Reasons Why Weddings In India Are An Affair of A Lifetime

Weddings In India are an Affair and Celebration of a Lifetime 1. Meeting old friends Some old college friend who got settled in the US or your childhood buddy, you will get to see all of them on your wedding day.   2. Fun on Social Media Weddings in India have a rich place for social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram or even twitter, you will get a chance to post all your excitement and tweet your every emotion with the highest number of likes of your life. The reason being…

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Seven Auspicious Parikramas of Wedding

  Although we, Indians, are abundant in customs and rituals but seems incognizant about the theories behind them. With the passage of time, not even our dressing but our culture has been overhauled a lot. In this fast paced life, most of the people become negligent towards a decisive and essential event of their life “Wedding”. To grab those people attention and make their involution in the exquisite moment of their life, we have focused on the Seven Auspicious Parikramas of Wedding. Here, we have tried to unveil each and every phase…

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