Eternal Love Songs

Music speaks the language of love but love knows no language. And it is usually this unknown mysterious language that plays best with the strings of the heart.  So just while you are all ready to tie knots and wedding bells are ringing loud, take a chance to pull the cords of the heart louder.  As the days are drawing closer, so should you and here are these songs to do just the same:

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hain – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi love song 


This song by Roop Kumar Rathod has a strange charm that flawlessly portrays love in its purest form. It simply chimes the love cells. No pun intended. It stirs two souls to conjoin them into one. We heart the innocent plain looks of ShahRukh and Anushka’s  simplicity.

Saathiya- Singham

The song, the melody, the lyrics are seamless. Shreya Ghoshal never leaves disappointed and the magnetism between you two will only rise by leaps and bounds once this song creates the magic in the air.

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Pal Pal Dil K Paas – Blackmail


“Pal Pal Dil K Pass, Tum Rehti Ho…” ….surely she does!

And just as I write about it, the serenity, the candidness of the song, seem to transport me into a realm altogether different. The forthrightness in which “tum sochogi kyu itna, main tumse pyarr karu..” is all needed to soak you deep in love.

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gai- Ghazni

What makes this song stunning is the not so obvious lyrics. No mainstream detailing of the preety nose  and lovely  locks, but the resemblance with the goodness of landscape around and with the goodness of soul. And this is what charms up the aura of the song.

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Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar – Jo Jeeta Wo Sikandar

Those days of schoolboy love! Naïve! Eccentricity is the key to the heart. The energy of the song is sure to reverberate in your bond as well. It simply is breathtakingly mesmerizing. Imagine you and her, and only you and her, sitting in a dim lit room close enough to hear each other’s heartbeat and this song playing in the backdrop. Enough said.

So if the sudden turn of events is making you uncomfortable, let these rhythms break the ice. Revive your ‘pehla nasha’, your  ‘pehla khumaar’ because you do not know that how someone whose so  “dil k paas”  “kaise mil gai’”So much so that now you see “Rab” in her. So go asking, “ Sathiye ye tune kya kiya”…May be also “Kaise kiya”… 😉

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