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Indian Sweet Dish Menu for this Wedding Season

More than anything this wedding season, Indian weddings are becoming the symbols of everything over-the-top. From the extremely grand decor to the lavish array of food items, we Indians love to do it all with that absolute pomp and pageantry. To give it that right touch of splendour, we don’t mind those brainstorming sessions to come up with something that is innovative, something that is completely out-of-the-box.

But, somehow, in the process of going all innovative, we don't pay much attention to one of the most lavish parts of Indian weddings, which are the sweets. We end up having all those same age-old gulab jamuns, ras malai, kulfis or Kaju barfis in the sweet dish menu for the weddings. It’s time to give our choice of wedding sweets a completely new and creative makeover. Let us take a look at some of the best and most innovative sweet dish options available, which are being opted more instead of those traditional sweet dishes to surprise their guests.



Best Indian Trending Sweet Dishes in 2016


The Contemporary Gajar Halwa Cupcakes


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Cupcakes are extremely common, so is our gajar ka halwa. But gajar halwa cupcakes? Does that even ring a bell? Not at all! Yet, it sounds so tasty and amazing. So, present your guests with this Indian sweet dish bring a contemporary twist.



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