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Treasures of Indian Weddings (Part 2: Jewellery Designers)

Jewellery– the magical word which has the power to make any woman feel ecstatic. It can turn arguments into anniversary-feels, it can make us forget about the fight last night. And honestly, I don't understand why men feel women are complicated and hard to impress. All we need is chocolate, jewellery and Sophia Websters in our life and voila, we're happy! 😉

Now, I don't think I have to even describe the importance of good jewellery designers in Indian weddings. It's like answering why 2+2=4. So let's just look at the gems of this industry and fall in love with them all over again.

Best Jewellery Designers in India

1) Kishandas and co

When it comes to the best of Jewellery designers in India, Kishandas and Co for Sabyasachi comes in our top list. It is the shiz for our elegance- craved brides and grooms-to-be. From a glam look to utter royalty and elegance, This Indian Nawabi Heritage won’t fail to impress. No words can describe the intensity of beautiful I am talking about here. So let the pictures below do the talking! Oh and this is just a teaser, you should definitely check out more on their site.

Check them out on Facebook.

Jewellery designersJewellery designersJewellery designers Jewellery designersJewellery designers

Jewellery designers
Images source:

2) Amrapali: Rajasthan’s Royalty

Inspired by the purest sense of Indian culture, old architecture and paintings, Amrapali stands out for its sophisticated designs which include Meenakari, Thewa and Kundan. It is successful to showcase the rich heritage of India to the world. Speaking of which, some world-famous stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez have worn Amrapali creations, thus proving its worldwide charm and immense elegance. Jewellery designers that originate from Rajasthan just have to be perfect, no?

Check out their amazing collection

Jewellery designers           Image source: wedmegood[/caption]

Jewellery designers
Image source: Manish Arora for amrapali

3) Gehna Jewellers

Gehna’s expertise in jewellery is superb. From Chokers to Danglers, to Mang Tikas, an added touch of glamour is sure to be found. Their silver collection exposes creations that are trendy and affordable. What’s even better about it, guess? Customization. With that, you get a unique and beautiful piece made just for you. How lovely!

Recommended for cocktail parties, Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies.

Visit Gehna Jewellers

Jewellery designers
Images source: indiagoldjewellery

4) Tanishq

Beautifully handcrafted, innovative designs, stunning style makes way for the extravagant pieces of art put together by probably the most known jewellery brand in India, Tanishq.

“Hum har shaadi ke liye tayaar hain is one of their taglines, and boy, they’re not kidding. From South Indian to Gujarati to Sikh, you’re surely gonna find stunning brides wearing the gorgeous creations by this brand. Good work, Tanishq!

Visit the ever-so-beautiful Tanishq here

Jewellery designers Jewellery designers Jewellery designersJewellery designersImages source:[/caption]


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5) Maheep Kapoor (Satyani Jewels)

Trendy and gorgeous pieces inspired by the Mughal era for the woman in style is Maheep Kapoor for you. Her work is exquisite and done on emeralds, rubies, metals and diamonds. Celebrity fan following is there too, with charming faces like Kareena Kapoor Khan carrying them off beautifully.

Check them out here

Jewellery designersJewellery designersJewellery designers Jewellery designers Jewellery designers

Jewellery designers
Image source:


Jewellery Selection Tips

  • Always keep in mind the colour combinations and possibly, don’t go for the matchy-matchy look. It’s a world of contrasts, so we recommend the jewellery to be in contrast with the attire, of course, depending on the colour of the work or lace on the garment.
  • A sparkling wedding dress with sparkling jewellery is a big no-no. You don’t want to go over the board, do you? If your wedding dress has too much sparkle or is flashy, go for simple yet elegant pieces of jewellery and vice-versa.
  • Neck-pieces, bangles, nose-wears and earrings that go with the design of your attire are recommended.


Let us know your opinions about the above-mentioned designers and also about your favourite jewellery designers of all time. Cheers!



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