Marwari Destination Wedding in Pushkar

What do you know about magic? I gonna tell you – magic hides among ordinary small things. Be keen, listen to the gentle steps, and you will catch it on the tail! This is exactly what I felt on Shreeya and Sharad’s destination wedding in Pushkar – as a Katia in Wonderland! No, I have not seen white rabbit always running late, but I bet there was a Queen! And that day she gonna had her “dream of the life party” – 

Destination Wedding in Pushkar

Her kingdom lies between the Aravalli hills, her bedroom settled in a white marble palace, encrusted with green garden and cyan water pool. All the women in bright colorful outfits, just as exotic birds gathered around her, but she was calm and confident about her beauty. It was the celebration of colors, perfectly mixed with the white palace and blue shiny sky. Have a look on another stunning day wedding in Rajasthan.

destination wedding in Pushkardestination wedding in Pushkardestination wedding in Pushkar


 Destination wedding in Pushkar Destination wedding in Pushkar


Just imagine for a moment all that stuff hundred years ago… does not it look similar? Same cloth, same place, similar customs…So now you will see magic… as I do by clicking every step of small and seems to be unnecessary ceremonies…Because it is timeless.


IMG_51151 IMG_4971 IMG_4793


Do you remember the sentence, someone sharp-minded once said: “Want to be good – interlocutor is a good listener”. So, we passed the chain of tiny ceremonies (when you really can’t figure out a gap between one and another) and we found ourselves just right before Pujari, who calmly lit Agni. Rest of guests disappeared at food zone. And those who rounded Shreeya, Sharad and me, were nearly asleep. 🙂

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But I had to tell a story. A story of Love and Magic, and…You know, something which you will feel has no beginning and no end… Pujari narrated mantras, guys sank in deep thoughts, and I listened. And then… boom! – yellow smoke cloud arose from the flame and covered Shreeya. Oh wow! I clicked! She was half-covered in the cloud and there only one arm of her groom, holding her, was visible…It looked so mysterious and meaningful… On the next picture, he appeared before her as a fairy tale Jin, and I remembered the beautiful story from “Paheli” movie. 🙂

IMG_8208 IMG_8196


On this wedding, I felt exactly like when you just witnessed something more than personal, something which can become a History… Hope you have enjoyed being a part of Shreeya and Sharad’s destination wedding in Pushkar. Stay tuned for more.


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