Perfect gifts for the cupid-hit couple

Weddings and gifts! Though prior to marriage both the groom and the bride, shop to their hearts content, but a gift is forever welcoming and close to the heart. Not just because they are surprise elements but also because they make an indelible mark in the fresh canvas of life.

And we know choosing the perfect gift for the newly wedded couple has always been a quest. A lot of thought goes into the hunt. But fret not, for we at WedAmor bring to you a compilation of the finest presents that the newly knot couple would love to receive.

Couple Spa:

couple spa

Amidst the tedious and elaborate celebration of Indian weddings, a couple spa to the weary couple can be source of immense gratification to them. Giving them an exclusive opportunity to embark upon a new venture of life, with rejuvenated vigor, what else could be better!

A wall painting or a collage:


A reminiscence of the good old days when the present is also at its best! Life is truly a stunning phenomenon! And to celebrate this awesomeness, nothing could be better than a collage made up of the bride’s and groom’s album of the old love, or the childhood innocence, or a remarkable feat. Sweet made sweeter!

Besides these, some quirky gifts are much in trend. And honestly, am crazy about them too! check a few here

gift bathrobes for couples

Here’s yet another one:

personlaized gifts

Oh! the new age love !

A gift card:

gift card

When the mind is too confounded to figure out the choice of the new buds, or the time at hand is too short and when cash sounds too mainstream! Gift a gift card! Most banks and a number of other merchandises are available via gift cards. The plusses of a gift card are that it saves you from the guilt of not catering to the couple’s taste. Safe and smart and convenient!

A romantic get-away:

romantic vacation

Once the drive to the moon with the honey is over, couples may find it difficult to spend some quality time with one another. And here you go, gifting them some together-time. You could buy them a holiday voucher keeping in mind their idea of an ideal vacation destination. While you do so, please take care that the voucher has a longer validity period so that the couple may redeem it at their convenience of schedule.

Hope these ease your dilemma. And we ensure you are going to win the heart of the new buds with these thoughtful gift. So what is the wait for? Go shopping. Go pro!  Thank me later! 😛



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