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Dear Delhi Brides, Shahpur Jat has got your back!

Let me just begin by saying: Kids is to Disneyland and Indian bride is to Shahpur Jat (and sabyasachi, but let’s just focus on the former though) To all our ‘stressed-about-what-to-wear’ bridal beauties, don’t fret, no more! Hub of superbly talented designers, this is the place that’ll make the lehenga you dream of, look like a garbage bag. (Well, not really. But you get the point.) The reason why this place is considered a must-go is because it has such a huge variety that almost every bride ends up finding…

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re-use your wedding lehenga Fashion Inspiration 

Tips to re-use your wedding lehenga

When all the madness and hullabaloo regarding the wedding ends, and we have a look at our wardrobe, all we think is what we are going to do with all these fancy and of course, expensive stuff. And the thing that pops up first in one’s mind is the wedding lehenga. After spending so many days and efforts, not to forget the money, you just can’t let it go after just one use. Yes, that had been a very deserving buy but most of the times the Lehenga is so heavy…

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anklets for your wedding Fashion Inspiration 

Most Beautiful Anklets For Your Wedding Day

How perfect does one want to be on their wedding day? Will anything less than the best work? No, it would not. It is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve to look the best from head to toe. When it comes to jewelry, most of us only think about necklaces, rings, bangles, headgears, etc. But there’s one more thing that you need to count in for the perfect look. That’s anklets. You must have the most beautiful anklets for your wedding day. Here we…

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5 Exceptional Ways to Look Best on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to the most important day of one’s life, compromise isn’t a word. Along with all other things to go perfect, everyone wants to look best on their wedding day. And because it’s the most special day, it should be in the most special way. To go with the crowd, is too mainstream. This is the day when you not only want to look beautiful but different as well. Everyone wants a look so as to snatch a ‘wow’ at every glance. Here we are suggesting you five…

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How to choose your wedding dress?

Preparing for the most special day of one’s life, everyone wants to get the most perfect of all the things. From decorations to food arrangements and from your tiara to shoes, everything should be up to the mark. And the most important of all is the wedding dress. With a countless number of options available, it becomes cumbersome as well as confusing to get the most beautiful wedding dress. Though every blingy dress would attract you towards itself, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing your wedding…

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