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Honeymoon Myths Debunked

“Honeymoon” …enough to give goose bumps to you, if yours is an arranged marriage and if you still shy off before your partner. But believe me; Honeymoons are just a bit over-hyped. Here I will break to you a few honeymoon myths:     Well, the purpose of the Honeymoon is only to give you two some self-contained time to know each other. Knowing each other essentially does not mean only in terms of sexuality (yes, am being gross) but in terms of likes and dislikes, habits and behaviour and response. So…

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couple in blankets Honeymoon 

Checklist for honeymoon preparations..

Your honeymoon…..the thought giving you tickles? 😛 Well! So it should and an under or over preparation must not mess up your first vacation with your better half. WedAmor cares for your priceless love and that is why we bring to you this checklist. Skim through it every now and then while making the groundwork for your honeymoon 😉 First things first,afterall its honeymoon!!! The docs A small carelessness with any of your docs, and the entire exhilaration turns upside down. Make sure: Your visa/ passport/railway ticket must be right…

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