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Different Shades of Indian Weddings

  Indian Weddings: A Journey for a Lifetime India is a land of brimming culture and uniqueness, and Indian Weddings are like a journey for a lifetime. Indian Weddings are so beautiful and grand. The Secular status of the country gives rise to different communities showcasing their own customs and traditions in Indian weddings. Some of these customs and traditions are enlisted below: Contractual Nature of Indian Weddings The Nagarattars of Tamilnadu in South India have a very unique tradition which follows the ceremonial tying of the Mangalsutra or Thali. The fathers…

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Amazing Ways to Replace the Old Ghodi Tradition

Since the time called ever, the perspective groom come on a horse to carry away his bride. Ghodi tradition found its way into numerous songs, and couplets for the same reason. However, with changing time, this tradition is becoming obsolete too. The legendary Ghodi tradition is now being replaced by cool, spicy ones. If you too want to ditch the ghodi, then here are some awesome ways to make a grand entry to your wedding: Royal Entry on an Elephant We are talking about an elephant here, so it's definitely going to be…

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