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Props that capture your love best in a pre-wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot trend has been surmounting great impetus these days. And as promised in the previous article I today bring to you a list of easily available and economical props which when added to your pre-wedding shoots, would add a dreamy influence to them, besides  breaking the ice of being so close and intimate with your significant half before someone else. Plus you get endearing memoirs for all the rolling years of togetherness. Here I enlist some props that would land you with snaps to entangle your hearts tighter:…

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pre wedding photoshoot Photography 


Without a photo, try to remember her first cup of cappuccino “perfectly brewed “for you, photo of his first dance move only to woo you!! Your first secret hush-hush date, your stealthy embezzling gazes, those first roses and cocooning embraces! Aren’t the reminiscences of them enough to give you goosebumps and transport you to the timeless era of your innocence, romance, and taintless love…Only if time could freeze you in those carefree days of benevolence…only if you could burrow in the depths of time and relive the passion! So today…

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